AFE Chapter 140 Board of Directors Roles and Duties

Presides at all meetings of the Chapter, Board, and Executive Committee; appoints all committees; is responsible to the chapter members for efficient and effective conduct of chapter affairs.

Vice President:
In the absence of the President, presides at all meetings. Reports to chapter president, chairs the program committee, and as such shall be responsible for the program of all meetings, chairs chapter membership
committee and coordinates membership retention and new membership activities with regional membership chairman. Additional duties are as assigned by the president

Responsible for official meeting minutes; chapter records, chapter communications and related activities.

Keeps an accurate record of all receipts and disbursements; submits yearly financial report to AFE Headquarters; makes payments with approval of the Executive Committee; submits reports at each chapter meeting or otherwise as directed by the President; prepares annual budget. Secretary and Treasurer Positions may be combined into one Secretary/Treasurer position.

Immediate Past President:
Chairs the Nominating Committee, serves as advisor to the President.

The duties of the directors are as defined by the President, with the approval of the Board.

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